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Processing Types

Maintenance work orders

Zion Preservation Services process all types of maintenance work orders including but not limited to Initial Secure, Bid approval, eviction, hazard, damage, lock change, BATF etc in all client systems.

Grass cut work orders

We process all types of Grass cut, Re-cut, lawn service type work orders in all client systems. Our processing teams are well experienced and has proper knowledge about processing all types of grass cuts and its terms and conditions.

Winterization work orders

Zion Preservation Services process all types of winterization work orders. Winterization work orders are normally 2 types, dry winterization and wet winterization. Our processing team can help your winterization orders get processed in a professional way.

Damaged/ Hazard work orders

We have long experience processing hazard or damaged types work orders in many client systems. If you are worried about your hazard/damaged work orders and their bids, let us take care of your work orders.