Zion Preservation is a property preservation work orders updating solutions where we help different property preservation companies by updating their work orders in all client systems. We take partnership and take care all of your work orders so that you don’t have to worry a bit about your orders being late to be processed, or came back as denial or your score card degrades or even you wouldn’t have to worry about bidding and invoicing. Our experience will serve you by updating all kinds of work orders in all client systems such as – MCS, FieldScape or Servicelink, Safeguard, NFR, NFN, M&M, MSI, Cyprexx, Carrington, Wolverine, Xome, Altisource, AssetShield, Assurant, Singlesource, Northsight, PKMG, Spectrum, Fivebrothers, Sandcastle, Guardian, ZVN, Visneta, A2Z, Pruvan, PPW, EzInspections, XactPRM, Repairbase, PRUVAN etc!

Our processing criteria is extensive and surpass general knowledge, as we take the partnership to take care of the orders and the work types are huge as it comes. We are familiar with all client systems and we have experience working in custom client systems as well. Generally we can describe work orders categories like Maintenance work orders, Grass cut work orders, Winterization work orders, Vandalism, Hazard etc.

Maintenance Orders processing

Grass cut orders processing

Winterization orders processing

Snow Removal orders processing

Initial Secure orders processing

Fixing Denials/ RTVs

Our services includes

  •  We download photos from different web as per client’s instruction.
  •  To process work orders we upload, resize and label the photos.
  •  We create bids following per client’s instructions.
  • To calculate bid amount we use Cost Estimators like Repairbase or ExactPrm.
  • Follow allowable pricing for each order.
  •  We perform different types of work orders and QC inhouse.
  •  We create and update daily reports for our clients.
  •  Bids, Invoicing, Inspections, QC, Daily Reporting for each work order.
  •  We can take remote training if needed.
  •  We maintain our own web based resources to give the work a new dimension.

We process more than 80 types of work orders in multiple client systems. please visit list of work orders types we are familiar with.

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