Service Details

Our Service Details

Zion Preservation Services provides exclusive data processing services to all client systems and our processing turn around is fast. Processing services includes:

  • Downloading photos and arranging them, date stamp them, label them
  • Find out work performed and find appropriate bids
  • We follow client bids guide and vendor bids as well
  • Bids can be estimates through cost estimators like repairbase, xactprm etc
  • Find out bids and save them for client review.
  • Contact with contactors if w/o has missing information.
  • Guide contractors if information needed.
  • Fix Denials/RTV as soon as they appear in the queue.
  • Give priority on finishing work orders before due date.
  • Special teams for Bid Approval work orders.
  • QC all work orders before submission by team leads and managers.
  • Communicate with clients/contractors if w/o has missing photos or information.
  • Provide PCR and cost estimates for each work orders.
  • Daily reporting.
  • Consultation to new contractors/clients for business growth strategy.
  • Competitive pricing.

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