Work Orders Updating Services

Are you looking for a work order processing services? Zion Preservation Services can help you take the burden off your shoulder and make your business more profitable and grow it even more. We provide all types of P&P, REO, HUD work order processing services in all client systems including Nationals and Regionals.

Here are the procedures of our processing:

Review work order

After getting a work order, we will go through it and check all of its photos and work performed and we will label photos and find out if work order has adequate information or not.

Find out Bids

We will go through with all the work performed and submit associated photos and information and place accurate bids, all bids are double checked and QC’ed by team leads for quality assurances. We will use cost estimator and save a bid sheet and PCR for client review.

Submit work order

After your review we submit the work order and let you know the details along with bid sheet and PCR via email.

We always check the queues and if there is a new open order, we process it instantly as our turn around is fast. When there is a denial in the queue we contact with the contractor and find appropriate information from him and submit the order with updated info. We sometimes dispute work orders, if there is discrepancy found and take care of the bids by contacting with the client.

Here are some examples of our processing step by step in Safeguard Client System

Processing servcies summary

  • Collect or download photos from client source
  • labelling photos as needed
  • Sorting photos to find performed work
  • Finding out proper bids for work performed
  • Reading and following instructions for work and bids
  • Invoicing as per client instructions
  • Use Cost Estimator
  • Create PCR
  • Upload property inspection form if required
  • Make dump receipt if required
  • Others process as required.

Why choose us

  1. Best processors in this industry
  2. Global professional
  3. Reduced costs
  4. 24/7/365 availability
  5. Saves office spaces and other costs
  6. Flexible to your time and needs.
  7. No hidden fees
  8. No down time at all
  9. Vendor guide available

Have any questions? Ask us and we will answer you right away.