Zion Preservation Services – a work order processing service provider

About Us

Zion Preservation Services is a california based Outsourcing organization where we provide data entry support to property preservation companies in their updating section. We process all kinds of work orders in almost every client system like Safeguard, MCS, ServiceLink, NFR, NFN, Wolverine, Altisource, MSI, M&M, AimYourWay, Carrington etc.


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Welcome to Zion Preservation Services. ZPS is your virtual property preservation solutions. We help increase the profitability of your preservation company by reducing labor costs and management headaches. We provide well trained processors and QC people who are experts in Safeguard, Corelogic, MCS, LPS, PPW, Altisource,  HUD, Five Brothers while offering 24/7 coverage to get your queue done today. We help dozens of regional and several nationals. We are also familiar with PPW (http://propertypreswizard.com ) , dropbox, repairbase, field-comm,EZinspection etc. We could work on almost every vendor software, our experienced team members are very flexible and fast learner, if you use any customized application we will be able to go through with a simple training.

There has been a lot of changes in Property Preservation and its hard for going through with this constant changing and challenging circumstances. The challenges gets harder if you do not have sufficient skilled processors to process the orders for avoiding due dates. Avoiding errors is also a big deal as well. Our processors do the best for avoiding errors and maintain the highest quality.

Our Services:

  • Our services are including many field systems but not limited to Safeguard, MCS, Corelogic, Altisource, FiveBrothers, M&M, Wolverine etc.
  • We worked with  nationals & regional clients and worked on FHA, REO orders.
  • We download, rearrange, label, stamps photos for processing through.
  • Creating, Adding bids as per vendor’s price sheet and guide lines. We strictly follow guidelines as without following client’s guidelines brings huge chargeback.
  • Using cost estimator in repairbase
  • We process order types: Initial Secure, Additional work request, conveyance conditions, securing, Deed-In lieu

Why Coose Us:

We have backup processors for always

We have unbeatable pricing structure to suite your needs from per order, per hour, per week & per month price module.

We tend to help you grow your business by reducing the expenses, take care of all the processing needs.

We work all 24/7, 365 days in year – we are always up & running to serve you.


We provide 3 days trial for assessing our works.


Email: contact@zionps.com or,

Call – (754) 273-8607